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Terms & conditions

For any queries please contact me by email.

My commitment to students

Cancellation notice

I will always give good notice – verbally as well as through email and on my website of any dates when classes are to be cancelled or will not run as usual. If a private or small group class is cancelled by me with less than 24 hours notice, I will offer an alternative session in replacement, or I will be willing to refund for that session.

For drop-in lessons, no refund can be made for any session cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, as no payment will have been made by the student. Provided that students keep me up-to-date with their contact details, I will give the best notice I can of any emergency cancellation of a drop-in lesson.

Terms for students

Private lessons

Private lessons are booked by mutual agreement to a convenient date and time for student and teacher. Unless agreed otherwise, payment is due in advance of the lesson, and can be made using the PayPal button on the website. Alternatively, bank details can be provided so that you can make a bank transfer.

Once a lesson is scheduled, it can be re-scheduled or cancelled up to 24 hours ahead of the lesson. If less than 24 hours notice is given, I will still aim to reschedule the lesson to our mutual agreement but if this is not achievable, no refund will be made.

Small group classes in my yoga studio

These are booked in advance, and to facilitate my planning, I ask students to pre-pay via a small block payment, equivalent to 5 sessions. This prepayment is factored into the ‘regular student’ price that you will pay. Once paid for, the blocks are open-ended with no time limit on their expiry, and I rely on students giving me good notice of any weeks that they will be absent, so that I can attempt to fill the session and offer the student in question an alternative lesson in the same week.

If less than 24 hours notice of absence is given in any week, I will still try to offer the student an alternative lesson in the same week, but if this is not achievable, I reserve the right to charge for session missed, so that the class remains viable for the other students attending.

Drop-in classes

Drop-in classes require no booking or pre-payment, although I will give priority for spaces to students who pre-pay for a block of 6 lessons in the unlikely eventuality that too many students are in attendance.